10 hints to learn arabic fast

The Arabic language is the language of the holy Qu’ran. It is a language of eloquence ; a language which is very difficult to translate, simply because it has its appropriate signature, its secrets, and also its charm.

There are many hints and advices to help learn the Arabic language, but here are 10 of them that can be very effective to learn Arabic as fast as possible.

1- Every work needs a strong willpower to start and to carry out.

2- It is necessary to learn the 27 arabic characters with their right pronunciation.

3- Know that the language is not only words but also a marriage between syntax and lexicon.

4- Be aware that the good Arabic is the one of the Qu’ran, the one of the poets during El Jahilia (period which precedes Islam), and also the parlances of the prophet Mohamed (SAW).

5- It is necessary to try to practice whatever you learn in your daily life.

6- Whenever you can, think in Arabic and not in your source language.

7- It is necessary to distinguish the difference between the Arabic dialect, which varies from country to country, and the academic Arabic which is used as common denominator among the Arabs.

8- It is always good to use the auditory supports that teach the Arabic language ; because hearing is very important to learn language in the right way.

9- Consecrate 15 to 30mn everyday to speak about any subject in Arabic, the aim being to create some sort of familiarity with the language.

10- Learn every day at least one word and use it during the day to memorize it well.

12 thoughts on “10 hints to learn arabic fast

  1. For me it is easier to learn by listening to repetitive words. It is very difficult to learn unless you have lived in a foreign country and even so at times for me it seems overwhelming. One thing for sure is that it is fun.

  2. As a native speaker, I find it an excellent article .. thanks for posting
    practice practice practice .. even for 10 min a day – you will see the difference in few weeks. Also learning standard Arabic – in my opinion – is far more important than any colloquial Arabic (Many dialects within the Arab world) .. You can be understood everywhere with standard Arabic…
    I started recently a free online youtube channel to teach standard arabic and also usage during travelling and vacations..
    check it here guys

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