Arabic Studies in European universities

The Arab and islamic world have one of the richest cultures in the world. Many historians and specialists are interested in Arab League, where the official language is the Arabic. It has a srong place in active involvement in the world economy, the proof is that the Arabic study is now available in some universities in France an Europe. This is what we will see in this article.

For the story

The two oldest universities in the world are Arab : the universities Al Quaraouiyine of Fez (Morocco) and Al- Azhar in Cairo (Egypt).

University Al Quaraouiyine

According to UNESCO, this university is the Guinness of Records as well as several historians, the oldest university of the world. In other side, there are some who claim that this is not technically the case. Anyway, this university was built in 895 during the reign of the Idrisside dynasty. It is still active and is divided into four faculties distributed between Marrakech, Fez, Agadir and Tetouan. Some of the imminent philosophers and scholars of the arab world have passed through it.

University Al-Azhar

Built around 970 – 972 during the reign of the Chiite dynasty of the Fatimids. Al-Azhar is properly an islamic university from 988. For the record, the great juge of Egypt Abû Al-hassan taught Chiite legal book before a large audience. This course was at the origin of what was to be the Alzar university. The university is now one of the most wellknown and the most important in the arabe world. The education provided there has been enriched over time.


Arab study in French universities

The language, the culture, the art and so many others areas have fascinated many people. So much so that the arab study is now available in many universities, as much as the America’s history or French literature. Most of the famous universities in the major cities of France offer courses related to the arab world or to the domain of Islam : Paris, Lille, Lyon, Rennes, Tulouse, Strasbourg…

… and all over Europe

Some of the countries of European Union home the best universities in the world. Many universities offer Arabis studies, the language, the art or in the socio-cultural area. Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Romania and many others have universities that offer either courses or licences and even masters in Islamic studies or Arabic studies. These same unversities, wether in France or throughout Europe, give access to varied opportunities to students who have completed their studies.

In short, the Arab world is linked to the rest of the world and the presence of these courses by the universities reinforces this link.

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