Arabs and sports

Sport is one of the domains which generate the most turnover in the year, due to contracts of TV broadcasting, advertising and sponsoring. Indeed, it is a global phenomenon which is good for the entertaining aspect. To be sportsman is a job which is the greatest desire for many children; it is like a dream for them. We discover every year news talents, news stars or even records in every discipline.

As usual, the most successful sportsmen are rewarded by gratitude at the end of the year. The Arab world does not make an exception with deserving sportsmen.


Individual sports

In the category of individual sports, we find men and women who distinguished themselves at the level national as at the world level.

Best Arabic sportswomen in 2015

The second referendum organized by the Arabic union of sports journalists with the participation of Arabic Olympic national committees, as well as the associations of the sports press of numerous Arab countries. Thus, this event swathe athlete Tunisian Habiba Gherbi being rewarded by the tittle the best Arabic sportswoman of the year in 2015, more precisely last December 2015. The Vice- Olympic champion of 3000 m stepple succeeds her fellow countryman handball player Mouna Chabbeh.

Arabic sportsman in  2015

The Moroccan boxer Mohammed Rebaii was indicated the best Arabic sportsman in 2015.

He succeeded the parchiste Moetez Berchem which received the reward for the year in 2014. A gold medal was given in the category of 69 kg in the worlds championship in Qatar. It is important to note that he is the first Maroccan, an African and an Arab to have to gain this prestigious title. The young man got a merit because he made a season without any defeat!


Collective Sports

The team sport often shows us a great game pleasant to see. Also, not only did this category revealed by the beautiful teams but it allows also to emphasize individualities which play a key-role for their teams.

Best Arabic player in 2015

The soccer player Mehdi Benatia is an International Moroccan which plays in Bayern team of Munich in Germany. Besides, he shone in his post, as well in national team as in club. Thus, it is logically that the Moroccan defender received the price of the best soccer player 2015 thanks to a season succeeded within particular a tittle of champion of Germany.

Best Arabic National team 2015

The most beautiful team with the best performances in 2015 returns to the team of handball of Qatar. She receives the price of Better Arabic selection in 2015; she succeeds the national Algerian team of soccer.

The ceremony of the delivery of trophies will be held next April in a country of which will be communicated in the next days. We shall also proceed to it in awarding of the best Arabic sports personality for 2015. Information to be followed then!

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