The most beautiful beaches in the Arab world

Looking for beach destinations for your next sunny vacation? The Arab world has a few beautiful beaches that will not leave you indifferent. Some of them even appear in the list of the world’sbest beaches by travelers. For your pleasure, let’s discover the 5 most amazing beaches in the Arab world. Maybe you would be tempted by a sunny break on white or golden sands beaches, in the shade of coconut trees with exotic decor, close to the desert or in the most beautiful resorts in the Eastern countries?

Jumeira in Dubai, UAE

Turquoise waters and long stretches of sand as backing up the skyscrapers, that is what distinguishes Jumeira beach in Dubai. When you dream of relaxing and picnics, you can go to Kite Beach or to those on the Burj Al Arab. These public beaches are furthermore equipped with sports field for fun. If you want to move, some clubs like Dubai Marina Club, the Dubai Ladies Club and Jumeirah Beach Park offer various activities: swimming pools, sun beds and umbrellas, barbecue, restaurants, nightclubs, parking. Entries are priced. Whether to go Kite surfing a paddleboard, strolling along the Jumeirah Corniche or else, sun, sand, blue sky are there together to make you spend unforgettable moments!

Dahab in Egypt

Dahab is a seaside resort located in eastern desert of Sinai, a dream destination, tourists appealing with its golden sands and authenticity. Its name means also “gold” in Arabic. The bay is surrounded by an almost unreal scenery with mountain range and the desert in the background, lit by the glow of sunset. Dahab is a paradise of windsurfing. You must however go further north to discover the diving sports.

Enjoy the cafes open beachfront accommodations and installed in front of the water. Rocked by the waves murmuring and the desert ‘s hot breath, get enveloped by the magic.

Egypt also has several other beaches, among the finest in the Middle East. Namely: the Shark’s Bay Beach and Ras Um Sid in Shar El Sheik, Sharm El Uli in Marsa Alam and Sharm El Naga in Hurghada.

Legzira, Morocco

It is located about ten kilometers from Sidi Ifni, and one of the most beautiful beaches of Morocco. Four splendid arches carved into the cliffs by the tides decorate the Legzira beach. A fine sandbank lying between the ocean and the cliffs of pink sandstone allow beautiful walks. This grandiose work, signed Mother Nature will only amaze you. And the last but not least, the waves are perfect for surfing.

Morocco beach

Djerba, Tunisia

Authentic and paradisiac, the beaches of Djerba know how to amaze tourists. Sun, almost transparent water and palm trees edged with white sand and azure sky suddenly take you into a different world. Homer chose the peninsula to tell The Odyssey.

Yacht clubs offer facilities and activities such as diving, jet skiing and health club activities with spa centers.

Djerba beach

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