Download arabic music (mp3 etc.)

1) Following is a selection of the best Internet sites proposing online listening, watching and buying of music and Arab songs: : Find your favourite artists of Eastern music and Arab songs (Cheb Khaled, George Wassouf…). All kinds of music, from contemporary to traditional passing through the raï, is available. Buy their cds and dvds; or simply download (free and legal) extracts of their songs. : to buy cds and dvds of arabic musics and songs. Find the most famous singers and Arab singers like Najwa Karma, Hayfa, Nawal El-Zoughby, Amr Diab etc. Possibility of listening to and looking at some free multimedia video clips (remote loading in streaming Real-Audio).

Belly dancing : vidéos, cds, or dvds on the topic of the Eastern belly dance. Find artists like Amani or Rania.

2) And here, in addition, some popular and representative Arab musics which are available for download in the site of the ministry for the culture (legal and free remote loading to the format mp3). We advise you to check the following mp3:

– Gnaoua: or Gnawa, instrumental initiatory music of Gnaouas, descendants of slaves from Black Africa.

– Guedra: music played during the ceremony of the Tuaregs “Blue Men” as well as the Berber ones in the South of Morocco.

– Folklore of Erfoud: folk music of Erfoud, city in the extreme cases of the Moroccan desert.

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