Economic freedom in the Arab world: the classification

The Arab league is composed of countries wich are economically influential as less important countries. In all the cases, the arab world is part of the economic landscape of the world and participates actively and freely in international exchanges. Here is an extract of the classification about economic freedom in the Arab world.


The meeting


The 11st annual conference about the economic freedom in the Arab world was held to the beginning of the month, on 3 and 4 December in Rabat Morocco.   The meeting was organised by the Arab Scientific Research center and human researches (CSA-ERH), in partenership with the Friedrich Nauman Foundation for the freedom, the Fraser institute (Canada) and International research Foundation. The classification is based on 5 adopted criterias for economic freedom’s evaluation in the world.


The criterias

The criterias taken into account in order to establish the classification is numerous. Among them, the commercial low, the insurance of property rights, the expenses, the taxes and the projects. For the financial criterias, there is a capacity to obain currency and the financial facilitation, the freedom of trade at the international level. The classification concerns 21 of the 22 countries of the Arab world, and Syria is excluded from the list.


The classification


One of the striking facts is the gain points of Morocco which is improved in the classification from 14th to 12th position. From an economic freedom’s indexed of 6,5 to 6,6 in 2016, Morocco and Egypt are in the same position. We find Algeria at the bottom of the picture at the 20th position of the 21st contries in the classification.

At the top of the ranking, we notice unsurprisingly the presence of the United Arab Emirates. Following by Jordan and Bahrain which are among the most economically free countries of the Arab world. The top 5 is closed by Kuwait and Lebanon.

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