English – Arabic dictionary with translation to phonetics

This free online English – Arabic dictionary, with translation into phonetics, contains more than 2000 words in its lexicon, which is constantly updated (Wiki).

To use the translator, just to enter the word in English, Arabic or phonetics and dictionary will find all the possible equivalents.

Notes :

  • • Certain English words can be translated into one or more Arabic words.
    Indeed, the Arab language being rich, the translation of the dictionary reflects the possible nuances of the same word.

  • • The ‘ in phonetics (also noted 3) represents a sound which begins deeply in the throat, and which has an unknown English pronunciation.

  • • The 7 in phonetics corresponds to a very expired H.

  • • The verbs are given to the singular masculine of the past tense (“the accomplished”).

  • • This dictionary also translates from Arabic to English (قاموس عربية انجليزي)

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