The great museums of the Arab world countries – Part 1

Museums are wonderful places to discover the culture, the history, the archaeology and many other things about one country. The Arab world with great countries with past loaded in history are no exception. We find so many classic museums as specific museums there.


There are more than thirty public museums in Algeria in which less than the half take place in Algiers, the capital. The most famous is the National Museum in modern an contemporary Art of Algiers, inaugurated in 2007. This museum focuses on presenting and promoting Algerian contemporary art. The museum is an old transformed departement store, it is classified as historic monument since 2008.

Bahrain – National Museum of Bahrain

This is the greatest and the one of the oldest museums of the country because it opened their doors in 1988. It is located in the town of Manama, the capital. This museum is composed of several rooms that allow visitors to discover the local culture such us lifestyle, tradition, religion. But, there is also the traditional architecture Bahraini and precious archeological remains of the mysterious Dilmun civilisation.


Among the countries of the Arab world, Egypt is part of those which have a quantity of as  prestigious museums as each  other. The majority of Egypt museums are concentrated in the city of Cairo and its neighborhood like in the town of Alexandrie. With the past loaded in histories and the great culture of the country, most of the museums are considered as « Egyptology museum ». You can find the complete list of Egypt museums on Wikipedia.


Over the last decades, Iraq is a country with a difficult situation, but that does not prevent it having some good museums that deserve to visit. To quote only one of them, The national museum of Irak is a perfect exemple. Located in Bagdad, it is built in 1922 and closed in 1991 during the Gulf War and plundered during the war in Iraq in 2003. It reopened in February 2009. An historical museum is opened as well during September 2016 where we dicover many ancient objects telling the history of Bassorah.


Jordan has a lot of public and private museums, archeological classic museums or fine arts at the museum of the heritages, museum of cars or museum of children, everybody can find his interest. The two main museums of the country are :

  • Jabal al-Qal’a at Amman : an historic site of the capital, nowdays becomes an open air archaeological museum
  • Archaeological museum of Aqaba : a small museum (4 rooms) but contains various objects tracing the history of the town.


The night of museums 2016 last april was a successful completion. This second edition makes known multiple historical museums of Lebanon in nocturnal visit and extraordinary activities. An event that help people to make a bit better known Lebanese museums. Therefore, we can find a lot of museums in the country and ten are located at Beirot the capital.

The culture of the Arab world is very rich, we can really develop our knowledge by discovering those countries and their histrories through those museums. As the latter are cultural assets of paramount importance, the countries must take measures in order to protect them.

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