Women in Islam

Women in Islam and marriage are without any doubt subjects that stimulate, in our days, a lot of debates.

Before starting, here is a Hadith (words from the prophet Mohamed SAW), as reported by El Tirmithi : “The most perfect of the believers is the one who follows the straight path. The best persons among you are those who are the best with their women.”

What does Islam say about the Muslim women?

The Qu’ran indicates clearly that the only base of judgment between Muslim men and Muslim women is the piety, and not the fact of being a man or a woman.

Educating Muslim girls is a duty in Islam. A Muslim woman has the right to work . A Muslim girl has the possibility to accept or to reject marriage proposals. A forced marriage against the consensus of Muslim girls is forbidden.

The Islamic religion prescribes kindness toward parents, especially toward Muslim mothers, as it is commonly said “paradise is at the feet of mothers”.

Raising the children after a divorce is accorded to the Muslim woman till that the child reaches the age of seven.

Muslim women must be well treated by their husband.

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